David Frost

Full Name:

David Frost

Appears In:

Frost / Nixon

About the character

David Frost character is based on a real life person. In the film Frost / Nixon, David Frost is attempting to interview disgraced former President, Richard Nixon, in attempt to revive a career that is starting to flag. He is suave, and sophisticated. Part of the fashionable set of the day.


The real Sir David Paradine Frost, OBE (born 7 April 1939) is an English journalist, comedian, writer and media personality, best known as a pioneer of political satire on television and for his serious interviews with various political figures, the most notable being Richard Nixon. He grew up in Kent, and as a young man turned down a contract to play for Nottingham Forest.

After leaving Cambridge University, he started work at Anglia Television. He was later chosen to host a satirical programme called 'The Week That Was'. He went on to host other shows such as The Frost Report, and The David Frost Show which was more of a entertainment show. After his meeting with Nixon, his career rocketed again, and he went back to his more journalistic roots. However, he continued to show a lighter side by appearing in shows such as Through The Keyhole.

These days, he is one of the most influential presenters in the media. He has been instrumental in the formation of TV channels, and companys. He uses his popularity and friend to the stars status to further his charitable work.

In 2009 he received a Life Time Achievment awards at the Emmies.